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             Tax means an amount of money that a government requires people to pay according to their income, the value of their property, etc., and that is used to pay for the things done by the government(Tax) and tax are useful in many ways, especially, when we consider what taxes could do? According to statistics, first half of 2012 Turkish people paid 131 billion 132 million 838 thousand Turkish Lira to government.

         With this  money government may build hospital, bridge, railways, autobahn in Turkey, which are the things that assist country’s economic improvement extraordinarily. Briefly, tax is one of the vital necessities of the countries and every countryman must pay taxes to be citizen of the country. Nevertheless, which is does not mean that government should take a huge amount of taxes from their citizens. Because in this case, citizens start to suffer from taxes and becoming citizens in this particular country will be painful thing which no one want.


                Because the most expensive consumer products are cars, giving one example from cars could be appropriate and may demonstrate how taxes affect people lives dreadfully. For instance, I am a car enthusiast and I want to buy a sport car which have powerful V6 engine. In this particular example, the car can be Audi S5 which is very powerful, fast and luxurious sport car and without taxes its base price is 50,570€. In Germany this car is sold with 60,500€ price tag, which means that almost 10.000€ is taken by German Government as a tax. This tax ratio (%20) is little less in America and very similar to the other European countries.  However, in Turkey base price of this car (with same equipment, same engine) is 147,237€ that equal 485,721 Turkish Lira. Brief summary of this example demonstrate the fact that tax of the car in Turkey equal twice as much actual value of the car and nine times much of the tax which German Government want.


         As a result, the situation clearly show that huge amount of tax can make one particular country unlivable especially if you born with desire towards some particular things which is in my case were the cars. Even though it is seemed such a little thing which is not important for society, starting to think about whole society and people’s desires it is clear that huge taxes create class conflict in society by creating unequal lifestyle in comparison among Turkey and foreign countries.


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